Engagement Sessions

I believe the engagement photography session is integral to getting the most out of your wedding day photography.  I therefore include the engagement session in all wedding photography packages.  It provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other without the pressure of the wedding day.  It helps me learn your personalities.   Knowing your clients is important in knowing how to coax the best photographs out of you when coaxing is necessary.  I also learn how you communicate, with each other, and with me.  This helps me know what to look for and to anticipate photography opportunities at your wedding.  Is it in the eyes, the hands, the smile, the look, the body language or a combination of any of the above? Having a little advanced knowledge of some of your cues means I get the hand squeezes, the winks, and the glances that I may miss otherwise.

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Northern Virginia Wedding Photography ~ Photojournalism

Free Range Photography (i dont mean from Whole Foods)

My approach to wedding photography is 80% photojournalism and 20% portraiture.  I believe your story is best when captured in an organic-no-preservatives-or-additives fashion without interrupting or taking away from the natural flow of events and emotion on your important day.   It is important that your portraits also convey the emotion of your day.  When choosing your photographer pay close attention to the approach he or she uses.  The feel of their photographs, the candids and the portraits, should speak to you. 

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