Infant and Child Photography

On Location Northern Virginia and DC Metro Area Infant and Child Photography

I can't think of anything more fun than photographing infants and children.  I know you must be thinking, "this guy is crazy!"  Well, if I were the type of photographer trying to contain the raw energy of a child or multiple children to seats in a studio, I would agree...that would be crazy.  I don't. 

Getting an honest and keepsake worthy picture of a child requires patience for the photographer and the parents.  When they are weeks old, let's face it...they aren't going anywhere...they can't even roll away.  We can pose them to our hearts content.  But let those little feet of theirs start to work and not only can they get away, they do.  So instead I just plan on walking...and twisting and turning and climbing to get the shot.  For the 2 hours of the (basic) session I ask the parents to take off the mom and dad hat and let their kids be who they are so the personality of the children can come out.  Of course, we can endeavor to get them to sit still for a couple of the traditional style family portraits, but for the most part I like them to run wild and free.

Infant and Child Photography Packages

Our basic infant and child photography session includes the following:

  • 2 hours of photography
  • Online proofing gallery
  • One 11 x 14 print

infant and child photography by mars bigby photography