Concert and Band Photography

I was a musician in a former life.  These days my musical stylings are limited to playing rock band and guitar hero, but I tear it up on that fake plastic guitar!  Photographing bands was what drew me into photography fully.  While other people were whipping out their recorders, I was pulling out my camera.  I have had the pleasure of snagging wonderful photographs or everyone from Sting to Stevie Wonder.  The list is vast...Willie Nelson, Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, Humpty...yes Humpty Dance humpty...and on and on.  I enjoy both small and large venue photography.  I have the quipment to capture beautiful photographs without the use of flash (I don't want my subjects falling off the stage like Joaquin Phoenix doesn't make for repeat business.)

I am available to photograph your concert or gig.  I also available for promo shots and cd art work.  As a lover of live music I would almost do it for free...almost.  Contact me and let me know what you have going on as well as your needs and we can work out a price, depending on the time of the shoot as well as the intended usage.

Or contact me if you want to see some of the ridiculously cool pictures I've gotten of artists over the years.