About Us

First, i'm kind of a dork.  Ok not kind of...I own toys...action figures whatever you want to call them...right up on my shelf for the whole world to see.  Now I'm not dorky enough to show up to opening night of Transformers in a Bumblebee outfit.  But I am dorky enough to BE at the opening night of Transformers envying the people in the cool costumes.  I still play video games.  I get giddy when the release date of certain technologies comes near.  When I leave the house I often have an ipod, an iPad, an iPhone, a laptop, and my camera(s) in tow.  I upgraded my own laptop...yes...not kind of...I'm a full on in your face dork.

Second, I love photography.  this in and of itself is not news...nor really is it important in your search for your photographer.  Photography isn't one of those professions where you are going to run into people who don't love their job.  No one chooses photography because of family pressure...ok maybe Ansel Adam's kids might.  We choose photography because we fell in love with the idea of recording moments and almost always because we found out, or someone pointed out that we were good at it.

Third, this is a real business.  This, in and of itself, is news and important in your search for a photographer.  It is important that whoever you end up working with isn't doing this as a hobby.  They should be registered and they should be insured.  I am registered as a business in Virginia and insured through the Professional Photographers of America.  I take my role as your photographer seriously and handle my business accordingly.